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Calvin Murphy returns to Houston Rockets' broadcast team

Calvin Murphy is making his return as a Houston Rockets broadcaster with Comcast SportsNet Houston this season. Murphy will work as a studio analyst.

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Calvin Murphy is making his return as a Houston Rockets media personality after 8 1/2 years of inactivity due to a sensitive legal situation. Murphy will join Comcast SportsNet Houston this season as a studio analyst for the pregame and post-game shows.

Murphy's return was announced Tuesday night to a group of Rockets' season-ticket holders at a team-sponsored event. Former Rockets Matt Bullard and Clyde Drexler replaced Murphy as Bill Worrell's television play-by-play partner, and will return in those same roles this season.

Here's Calvin Murphy, courtesy of the Houston Chronicle:

"I'll open the broadcast, and the first thing the fans will see is my pretty face," he said. "And then at halftime, I'll do a summary of what has gone on in the first half and interact with Bill and Clyde and Matt, and then after the game I'll summarize how things went down."

Murphy was removed from the team's broadcast team in 2004 when he was indicted on charges of molesting five of his daughters. He was later acquitted, but the new job with CSN Houston is a chance for Murphy to really close a dark chapter in his life.

"I didn't solicit the job. I didn't become a drum major for it," he said. "But I am blessed that it has happened. It's like putting a period at the end of a sentence and going ahead.

"I've been looking for closure, and this does it. It makes me legit again, if I can use that phrase. I can start fresh now. I get a new beginning, and you can't get more blessed than that."

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