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Linsanity 2012-13: Is It Jeremy Lin Or Bust For Houston Rockets?

So what does it mean for the Houston Rockets if Jeremy Lin suffers a significant injury this season? That's a question for Red Nation to ponder before painting the No. 7 on faces and grabbing Linsanity t-shirts in preferred colors.

The Dream Shake's Patrick Harrel wrote that losing Lin would make the Rockets unwatchable. I disagreed at first, but on second thought, Harrel is right about this. In which case, doesn't that speak to how bad and unwatchable this team could be anyway?

We're going to watch the games, even if that means complaining about a group that clearly needs some development. But the Rockets' entertainment value, anticipation and excitement relies solely on Lin. And if something happens to him, knock on wood, the Rockets immediately lose their appeal and identity.

If we're honest, there might be three teams in the Western Conference that could win the NBA Finals: Thunder, Lakers and Spurs. The Rockets could pull off an overachieving season and land one of those last few playoff spots, but where does it go from there? Nowhere.

Watching Lin and making an improbable playoff run that would lead to absolutely nothing sounds OK, but intrigue is hanging in the balance of the 24-year-old rockstar point guard.

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