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Royce White doesn't see himself back playing in NBA

Rockets rookie Royce White see's it being "very likely" that he does not every play in the NBA.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Houston Rockets rookie Royce White is known for having anxiety issues his whole life, and it affecting his first season in the NBA. White has yet to play a regular season game, and most recently rejected a trip to the Rockets NBDL. A reasonf or White refusing to report to his D-League assignment was due to doctors not feeling he is ready to return to the court.

White recently went on SirusXM's Off the Dribble on Thursday to discuss his current situation. He went on to talk about how he does not think he will never play in the NBA again:

"I think that the chances are very high," White said. "And I say that just like I said before the draft that the chances were very high that I didn't even get drafted.

White wants to wait until he is ready to return to the court, and is abiding by his doctors orders in order to do that. He was slowly getting ready to make his debut with the Rockets.

White started off by doing some routine workouts with Rockets interns, and was going to increase it from there. However, things changed at the last moment when the D-League assignment was thrust upon him. He also mentioned how the Rockets have been inconsistent in giving him assistance in helping him get ready to join the team.

There was talk of maybe trying to play for another team during the radio interview to see if that would make a difference, but White mentioned again that it is not a team, or Rockets issue, but a league-wide problem.

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