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Rockets trade rumors: Daryl Morey doesn't expect trade

Trade rumors surrounding the Rockets have been minimal as they prepare to spend big in free agency this summer.


Considering that Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey already said the team likely won't make any trades this month, nobody should be surprised by the lack of rumors about the team in recent days. The franchise seems to committed to using its cap space in free agency this summer.

Despite being one of the few teams with the flexibility to acquire a big name before the Feb. 21 trade deadline, the Rockets seem to prefer keeping their assets while spending their available cap space on signing a free agent to a max contract this summer.

Though the Rockets reportedly have been among the teams to inquire on Hornets guard Eric Gordon this month, it's unclear how serious New Orleans is about making a deal. Gordon would apparently playing shooting guard in a smaller lineup that bumps James Harden to small forward.

The same ESPN reports says that the Rockets have also considered pursuing injured 76ers center Andrew Bynum this summer, but that would require him to return before the end of the season and display the top form that made him such an appealing possibility before the season.

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