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Texans Secondary Is Reaping What Rick Smith Sowed

The Texans talked a good game this offseason about their secondary, but anyone without blinders on could see through it and know this wasn't going to be a pretty secondary. Sure, it didn't have to be as bad as it has been through the first couple of games, but this result was well within the edge of reason.


The Texans' main plan to improve a mediocre secondary was to let Dunta Robinson walk away. That wasn't a bad idea, because Robinson was execrable last year, but they had an entire offseason to fix the holes in the coverage, via upgrading the pass rush or secondary, and simply didn't do it. Instead, their plan was "look at all these rookies!" Relying on youth is a great strategy when you are a rebuilding team, but under the circumstances that the Texans are ostensibly a playoff contender, the lack of any hurry or effort to fix glaring flaws was a gamble at best and stupid at worst. 


I feel like I've been writing this piece for the last two years, but I'll say it again: this team was not constructed to win this year. The Texans are in rebuild mode instead of win-now mode, and until they get to win-now mode, they'll never be a real contender. The money is obviously there to chase upgrades, as this is one of Forbes' 10 most valuable sports franchises. So what is the holdup? 

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