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PFT: Texans Check In With Dexter Jackson, Others

Pro Football Talk is reporting that the Texans brought in a number of quarterbacks and wide receivers to see if they could break the roster: 

Per a league source, Colt Brennan and Jarrett Brown tried out for the team on Tuesday.

The intentions aren't clear, but it could mean that Matt Leinart or Dan Orlovsky are on shaky ground.

The Texans also checked out four receivers: Reggie Brown, Derek Hagan, Dexter Jackson, and Demetrius Williams.

Jackson is probably at the top of the list here, as he offers an option returning kicks, and anyone who has watched Steve Slaton attempt to do so this year knows that isn't working out very well. The quarterback situation is a little stunning, I suppose, but if any of the quarterbacks in the article get time for the Texans this year, you know the season is over anyway. 

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