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Kris Brown To Allow Himself To Be Booed

New, 1 comment's Jason La Canfora reports that the Chargers, in need of a kicker due to a groin injury to Nate Kaedinghave signed ex-Texan Kris Brown up

Why is this notable, you might ask? Well, San Diego visits Houston in a few weeks time, on November 7th to be specific. I'm guessing he might have a little motivation in him for that game. I'm also guessing that you, the Houston sports fan, might have some boos you somehow didn't manage to let out last year as he shanked field goals and extra points all over the place down the stretch, costing the Texans a chance to pull out the one last win they needed to secure a playoff berth.


Or Kaeding could make it all moot by healing and playing. But there's no fun in that angle. C'mon Chargers, give the boo birds one last chance to drown out the well wishers.


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