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Schefter: Texans Will Sign Mark Anderson

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ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Texans will sign Bears defensive end Mark Anderson today. Anderson, 27, played with the Bears for five seasons. He notched 12 sacks in his rookie campaign as a part-time pass rusher, started in 2006 and dropped to five sacks, and was demoted back to his old spot for the remainder of his Bears tenure. Anderson is not a dominant player by any means, but his sack numbers largely resemble Antonio Smith's before he came to Houston.

Knowing what we know about hurries and how they factor into how consistent a pass rush a player is getting, the fact that Anderson had only 4 additional hurries in his 12 sack season gives us a whiff of how much of a fluke that season is. That said, getting 10 or so QB pressures in mostly limited snaps is not anything to sneeze at, particularly for a team that currently starts Amobi Okoye, and Anderson should be at least somewhat beneficial to the Texans pass rush. 

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