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What, Frank Bush Worry?

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Texans defensive coordinator Frank Bush has been under fire from, well, pretty much the entire Texans blogosphere outside of Lance Z and Steph Stradley for awhile now. The Chronicle sent Jeffrey Martin to interview him, and boy, was it a doozy. 

"There is no quick fix — no magic elixir, we like to say — to bring some super-duper player in the room and all of a sudden our defense becomes that much better," Bush said.

Right, so why even try? Screw it. Let Kareem Jackson build character out there for 16 weeks while the Texans offense does well and gets another 8-8 record attached to their backs. 

It gets worse.

In 2009, the numbers were worse after three games - 436.3 yards and 28.7 points (28.2 this season) allowed per game - than they are now. Much was made of inserting Pollard into the starting lineup, which was a factor toward improvement, but Bush said it was also a matter of simplifying the scheme, which he tried again this season.

Right, it was all a matter of simplifying the scheme. Lets forget that Bernard Pollard upgraded the run defense across the board. Meanwhile, Bush has tried simplifying the scheme this year and it has done absolutely nothing to help. I know this might take a leap of logic, but maybe, JUST MAYBE, the scheme didn't matter at all? Maybe it was all talent?

"We still do some things well," he said. "The philosophy doesn't change, but what we have to do is make sure we're putting our playmakers in the right position to make plays and make sure we're keeping other players out of harm's way in terms of not asking them to do too much.

"Sometimes, scaling down is the best way to do that."

Except of course, when it doesn't work. Like this year. And by logical deduction, last year too. Maybe you should, I don't know, think about getting Eugene Wilson and Jackson out of harms way and try finding competent players so you could win games? Crazy thought, I know. It seemed to work when you changed out Dominique Barber for Pollard last year.

And of course, the most damning quote of all: 

Informed of his unit's historic pace of plight, Bush laughed.

"I heard those same things last year, so that part doesn't bother me so much," Bush said.

Right, that's so silly! The idea that we're terrible. Who cares about that? It's only my job to figure out a way to keep the other teams offense from scoring points. But whatever! Why would being one of the worst defenses in NFL history bother me?

But what would you expect from a team that has no culture of accountability? By the way Frank, Bob McNair thinks you are doing a good job! Keep it up!

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