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There's One Change You've Yet To Try, Gary

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As is his norm, Texans head coach Gary Kubiak held a day-after press conference to answer questions regarding the latest Texans game - The Q-Tip Game as dubbed by Battle Red Blog.

Predictably, Kubiak was asked about his woeful defense:

"We’re just searching right now for some answers on defense. We’re going to have to do some things to give ourselves a chance to get better, because it hasn’t gotten better in the last few weeks, so we’ve got to do some things… Something’s got to change. It’s not good enough right now."

They've brought in various street free agents, begun rotating out starters, changed players' positions, and have tried everything but the obvious answer. When asked about senior defensive assistant Ray Rhodes calling the defense, Kubiak quickly dismissed the idea.

"Frank will call the defense," Kubiak said.

Apparently, the change needed is obvious to everyone but Gary Kubiak.

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