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Week 11 NFL Power Rankings (AFC South Edition)

Keeping track of the Texans and their AFC South brethren in silly arbitrary rankings of power? That sounds like fun! We’ll update in real time:

Pro Football Talk:
8) Colts (11)
17) Titans (12)
19) Jaguars (22)
22) Texans (20)

Barely beating a now 2-7 team is good enough to move you up in PFT’s eyes. There’s also skepticism about the Randy Moss move after one week. I’m stunned.

NFL Fanhouse:
7) Colts (8)
15) Jaguars (19)
18) Titans (11)
20) Texans (20)

NFL Fanhouse deems a Hail Mary victory as +4 and a Hail Mary loss as +/- 0. Oh well, losing to a third-string quarterback is -7.
5) Colts (8)
15) Titans (11)
17) Jaguars (20)
20) Texans (17)

There’s a trend developing here…do you see it?
6) Colts (10)
16) Titans (11)
17) Jaguars (22)
19) Texans (19)

Hmm, this one seems to combine an idea from everything: no negative about a last-second loss, decent bump from beating a bad team, and Randy Moss doesn’t equal wins.
6) Colts (6)
14) Titans (11)
18) Jaguars (21)
20) Texans (16)

Finally, someone who doesn’t think Indy’s win was a statement. It’s also the Titans’ smallest drop, and Houston’s biggest fall. Can’t win them all, eh?

1) There’s a lot of talk that Sunday’s game in New Jersey is a must-win for the Texans. Haven’t the last three games been must-wins for Houston?
2) Whereas Mr. McCown thought a close loss at Tecmo Super Bowl-like Philadelphia wasn't worth a big drop, I think raising the Colts for beating Cincinnati at home is a sign of feckless power rankings.
3) People are selling the Randy Moss move after one week. It must be over-reaction Tuesday.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.