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Woeful Texans Defense Needs Talent Infusion

The Houston Texans are on pace to give up a league-record 4,820 yards, according to ESPN's Stats & Info blog. In the obscure-statistics-to-make-it-sound-worse category, Houston's the first team to ever allow 22 passing touchdowns with as few as five interceptions in nine games.

AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky's opinion is that the personnel needs to be seriously upgraded.

Houston’s [pass] rush is insufficient, it’s overly reliant on young cornerbacks and it depends too much on free safety Eugene Wilson.

While I would argue that Frank Bush's overly-simplistic schemes aren't helping the issue, I don't disagree that the Texans would benefit from a pocket-collapsing defensive tackle and a veteran cornerback/free safety.

For those wondering if there are upgrades in the 2011 free agency period, I point you to Yahoo's recently released list of top-30 potential free agents. You can expect many articles on Battle Red Blog if there's a chance to sign Haloti Ngata or Johnathan Joseph. Those two, especially Ngata, would provide a significant improvement.

If 2008 2009 2010 doesn't work out, 2009 2010 2011 could most definitely be the Texans' year with a few moves.

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