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Gary Kubiak's Hot Seat Finally Acknowledged

Well, it finally happened. One of the national media websites have finally put Gary Kubiak on the hot seat.

Pro Football Talk puts Kubiak at number two of their weekly hot seat list - his first appearance of the season. They point out his recent contract extension, but they also point out the four-game losing streak. PFT says this will bear watching the rest of the season. Bob McNair not making a mid-season move is not a surprise since defensive coordinator Frank Bush still has a job.

You may be wondering who has a hotter seat than Kubiak, but you'll be seeing that coach on Sunday when Jeff Fisher brings Tennessee to town. The signs are pointing to Bud Adams choosing Vince Young over Fisher which would free him after 17 years of coaching. Why does that matter? Well, the suggestions, everywhere from Battle Red Blog to Richard Justice, are pouring in for Houston to jump on the defensive-minded head coach should he become available.

Wouldn't it be fun to give Fisher the opportunity to stick it to Adams and Young twice a year? Yeah, I figure a lot of Houstonians would get a kick out of that image.

The intrigue level keeps rising for Sunday's Titans-Texans game.


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