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The Internet Attempts To Cheer Up Texans Fans

Perhaps now, more than ever, Texans fans need some good feelings. The Internet has had some good ones of late.

Need a laugh? Go search Twitter for the famous #kubiakbelievesinyou jokes.

If you need hope then Texans Bull Blog has a reason why Sunday's game is worth tuning in to. After the jump, I'll delve into that and talk about what Nick Scurfield is spreading (hint: it's about Andre Johnson).

All week, the talk has been about what Sunday's game could mean for next season, but this game is pretty important. As Texans Bull Blog puts it:

Suppose the Colts lose to a Chargers team that certainly has the fire power and defense to pull it off.
Let’s just say it’s reasonable to think that the “struggling NY Giants” have a pretty good chance against the “hot Jacksonville Jaguars.”
Say it does play out that way.  Where does that leave your favorite head coach’s Houston Texans?

One game out of first place with six more AFC South games for the rest of the season. The Texans are very much alive in the AFC playoff race.

Finally, Nick Scurfield reminds you how amazing Andre Johnson is. The best nugget of potential career milestones Johnson can reach on Sunday?

With four catches, he’ll become the first receiver in NFL history to have at least 60 receptions in each of his first eight seasons. Johnson has 56 in nine games this season.

When you can become the first receiver to do something, that's pretty noteworthy. Also worth noting? Johnson turns it up against the Tennessee Titans and Courtland Finnegan. Per Scurfield, Johnson has averaged 8.3 catches and 144.7 receiving yards per game over the past three games against Tennessee.

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