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The Revenge Of Glover Quin

After being picked apart in the national media after batting the Hail Mary pass into Mike Thomas’ hands at the end of the Jaguars game, then following it up by allowing the game-winning touchdown against the Jets, Glover Quin wasn’t exactly in the best of spirits. To top it all off, he broke his hand and was playing hurt in this week’s 20-0 shutout of the Titans. All he did in that game? His first three interceptions of his career en route to a 20-0 shutout.

Quin joined KILT in Houston and our new friends at Sports Radio Interviews transcribed it for us. Here are some of the best:

On the team playing an inspired game against the Titans:

“Yeah it has been a hard, tough two weeks and we just wanted to come out and get the monkey off our back and finally play a good game. We came out and we put it all together and we played four quarters as a defense and we had some good results.”

How the games against the Titans always get pretty nasty:

“Right, we expected that coming into the game. We knew it was going to get chippy, we knew it was going to be a physical fight, we knew we had to be ready for 60 minutes.”

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.