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Week 13 NFL Power Rankings: Houston Rising, Titans Plummeting

Keeping track of the Texans and their AFC South brethren in silly arbitrary rankings of power? That sounds like fun! We’ll update in real time:

Pro Football Talk:
14) Colts (10)
16) Jaguars (15)
20) Texans (24)
24) Titans (18)

PFT sets the tone this week as Tennessee plummets near the bottom of the league after being knocked out on Sunday.

NFL Fanhouse:
13) Colts (9)
15) Jaguars (14)
16) Texans (22)
26) Titans (18)

Fanhouse is expressing doubt in Indianapolis, but they also dropped Tennessee like Andre Johnson dropped Cortland Finnegan.
13) Colts (9)
15) Jaguars (13)
16) Texans (20)
21) Titans (19)

CBS seems a bit conservative compared to Fanhouse and PFT, but only because Tennessee barely dropped in their fictitious poll.
14) Colts (12)
16) Jaguars (14)
17) Texans (22)
19) Titans (16)

The division order holds strong, as does the jump for the Texans.
14) Colts (9)
16) Jaguars (15)
17) Texans (20)
19) Titans (17)

An exact copy of what Fox did and furthering all trends seen so far.

1) There were a lot of references to punching, fighting, and MMA with the Texans. It stopped being funny around the third time I read it.
2) The Jaguars choking away in New Jersey didn't hurt them. They're also the consistent-second AFC South team - despite holding a tiebreaker over Indianapolis.
3) There's a lot of doubt expressed with Indianapolis and Peyton Manning. History says that is unwise.
4) There's really no originality here. The division order and overall rankings are the same.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.