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NFL Power Rankings: Week 10 (AFC South version)

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Keeping track of the Texans and their AFC South brethren in silly arbitrary rankings of power? That sounds like fun! We’ll update in real time:

Pro Football Talk:
11) Colts (3)
12) Titans (12)
20) Texans (16)
22) Jaguars (22)

The Colts sure took a big stumble for losing a close game to a pretty tough NFC East team on the road. Sarcastic Gary Kubiak comment #1.

NFL Fanhouse
8) Colts (2)
11) Titans (14)
19) Jaguars (20)
20) Texans (16)

How does that feel, Texans fans? We are now worse than Jacksonville in the eyes of Mr. Ciskie. Same Old Texans reference count #1.
8) Colts (2)
11) Titans (11)
17) Texans (15)
20) Jaguars (21)

I’m beginning to see a pattern here: the Colts and Titans are underrated due to a few tough losses, and the Texans and Jaguars are mediocrities in the eyes of everyone.
10) Colts
11) Titans
19) Texans
22) Jaguars

Yep, this pattern is holding up.

1) The Texans and Jaguars are probably getting a bit underrated due to past meltdowns, but NFL observers obviously don’t trust them to make a run. Or more importantly, they don’t trust the coaching staffs of the two teams.
2) NFL experts have decided that the Colts are 9 spots worse than they were last week solely because they lost in Philadelphia — that’s pretty stupid, and I don’t particularly like the Colts.
3) Nobody thinks the Randy Moss move has transformed Tennessee into an AFC contender. At least not until Captain Hindsight can have his full say on the action.

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