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Could A Headset Hold The Key To Gary Kubiak's Future?

Last night's deflating Houston Texans loss to the Baltimore Ravens still feels pretty painful to most fans - either in the figurative sense or the hangover sense. While some claim being used to the Houston heartbreak, an overtime loss after coming back from a 21-7 halftime deficit is going to hurt.

Technically, the Texans are still alive for the AFC South championship, but the only way to do it is so mathematically improbable that this season will likely end on January 2nd. With that said, a lot of Texans talk will revolve around the coaching staff and what should be done regarding their future.

Defensive Coordinator Frank Bush? He almost has to be guaranteed a pink slip as this season's defense is a clear scapegoat. Head Coach Gary Kubiak? Therein lies the biggest question of them all. Per's Paul Kuharsky, there is a piece of information that needs some expounding - after the jump of course.

For the bulk of the night, Matt Schaub was engineering the offense without the benefit of Kubiak in his ear as the headset was down. He pieced together what he could hear with signals and his own thinking.

The questions that need to be asked are: When did the headset problems start happening? How much did this affect the playcalling? Did Kubiak adjust with the signals? Were the plays more Schaub's call?

With "offensive continuity" being used as a probably reason to retain Kubiak's services, it needs to be clear who was responsible for the offensive onslaught the Texans unleashed against the respected Baltimore defense.

If Kubiak was responsible for the adjustments and on-the-fly coaching then it adds fuel to the "Keep Kubiak" fire. However, if Schaub was the one who called things on-the-fly and truly ran the offense then maybe Kubiak really is getting in the way of a Juggernaut.

Questions like those need to be asked to for the sake of the 2011 Houston Texans. Now, if only someone would ask these questions at his press conference today...

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