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Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Stagnant AFC South Edition

Keeping track of the Texans and their AFC South brethren in silly arbitrary rankings of power? That sounds like fun! We’ll update in real time:

Pro Football Talk:
9) Jaguars (12)
12) Colts (14)
23) Texans (23)
29) Titans (26)

I'm not the biggest fan of PFT, but this seems like a perfectly reasonable way to start. The Jaguars, a division leader, are in the top-10 while the Colts are bordering the playoff teams. The Texans are a little bit behind the middle while Tennessee keeps free falling.

NFL Fanhouse:
12) Jaguars (13)
16) Colts (21)
19) Texans (22)
29) Titans (25)

Fanhouse has a big rise for the Colts after beating a hapless, and near-bottom, Titans team. The Texans moved up three spots, so who says you have to win to move up?
12) Jaguars (12)
15) Colts (16)
18) Texans (20)
19) Titans (19)

CBS is just lazy. Six straight losses means you don't move in the rankings. If you're going to write meaningless power rankings, at least try and act like you care!
9) Jaguars (12)
15) Colts (16)
23) Texans (22)
24) Titans (24)

The Jaguars jump three spots in another poll. FOX seems to believe in Jacksonville a lot more given the gap between them and Indianapolis.
11) Jaguars (12)
15) Colts (15)
19) Texans (19)
22) Titans (22)

Aside from the Jaguars, there was no change to the division.

1) There's more faith in the Jaguars this week, but that could change with this week's game against the Colts.
2) CBS' power rankings are the worst of the bunch again.
3) The commonthought on Houston is that they just don't make that game-sealing play.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.