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McClain: Bill Cowher Isn't Coming To Houston

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Asked about the recent report by Ed Bouchette in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette regarding Bill Cowher’s interest in becoming head coach of the Houston Texans, the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain emphatically rejected the idea in his weekly live chat:

[Comment From Iceman ]
General, you said several times Cowher isnt coming here. However, this article from the Pitsburgh Post says the Texans are his most likely destination and he is interested: So would you like to admit you were wrong now or later?

John McClain: Bill Cowher isn’t coming here. I spoke to the writer. He’s a good friend of mine. He said he thought if there’s an opening in Houston, it’s one of the places Cowher would be interested in. I don’t think Cowher will be coming here. And if you want to be snooty about it with your do you want to admit you were wrong now or later, let’s put up a friendly wager for charity. Mine is Citizens for Animal Protection.

He seems sort of wishy-washy about this by first stating it outright, and then backtracking and saying he doesn’t think it will happen. He also says later in the chat that he thinks Kubiak will be retained. McClain is hardly an authoritative source regarding Texans rumors at this point in his career, so don’t take this as gospel, but you have to admit that he’s been right about Cowher not coming here every year so far.

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