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Texans FB Vonta Leach Graduates From College

Vonta Leach missed the Texans' final practice for Sunday's game. He also took a break from his "Leach To The Beach" Campaign trail. What was so important for Vonta Leach to miss those activities? Graduating from college.

Leach walked the stage at East Carolina University and received his Bachelor's Degree in child development and family relations on Friday.

Athletes often get a lot of praise and attention for their on-field exploits, off-the-field acts of kindness, and, for those "special" few, their on-and-off-the-field shenanigans and tomfoolery. Rare is it to congratulate an athlete on achievement in the field of academia. For Leach to complete his degree while playing football, and knocking out some linebackers, is a fairly impressive and admirable feat.

With his degree, Leach helps philosophy major, and the NFL's leading rusher, Arian Foster form one of the league's most academically unique backfields. If you want to congratulate Vonta on graduating then you can by sending him to the Pro Bowl while voting is still open this weekend.


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