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Mortensen: Cowher Has Wish List Of Teams, Texans On It

The Houston Texans are one of the three jobs that Bill Cowher would be interested in, should they be vacated, at the end of the season.

According to a report by Chris Mortensen, a source close to Cowher says the Dolphins, Texans, and Giants would be on Cowher’s wish list should either of the jobs be vacated at season’s end.

Asked to rank Cowher’s preferred list in order, the source identified New York, Miami and Houston. Each of those markets represent strong ownership with a good talent base, the source said.

Well, it doesn’t look likely that the New York job will be vacated, given they are 9-5. However, the Dolphins and Texans could both be candidates for change. The Texans had lost six of their last seven games going into Sunday. And although Kubiak was given somewhat of a vote of confidence by McNair yesterday, a poor finish could cause him to reconsider. As I type this, the Texans are trailing the Titans 31-10.

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