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Week 16 NFL Power Rankings: Texans Sinking Towards The Bottom

Keeping track of the Texans and their AFC South brethren in silly arbitrary rankings of power? That sounds like fun! We’ll update in real time:

Pro Football Talk:
11) Colts (12)
14) Jaguars (9)
25) Titans (29)
26) Texans (23)

Get used to this order, people were all too ready to have Indy jump the Jaguars.

NFL Fanhouse:
12) Colts (16)
16) Jaguars (12)
21) Titans (29)
24) Texans (19)

The overreaction streak will also happen. Houston plummets while Tennessee leaps for the results on Sunday. I don't really get how that works.
12) Colts (16)
14) Jaguars (12)
18) Titans (19)
19) Texans (18)

CBS continues their anti-reaction ways with small, logical moves. I guess you could also call it lazy.
12) Colts (15)
14) Jaguars (9)
22) Titans (24)
28) Texans (23)

Same sort of trend here, minus the Texans plummeting to a near-last low.
13) Colts (15)
14) Jaguars (12)
19) Titans (22)
21) Texans (19)

ESPN also sort of keeps things close and mediocre - as they should be.

1) Everyone tries to claim they didn't doubt the Colts.
2) This weak's worst have to go to the overreactions by Fanhouse and FOX Sports.
3) The commonthought on Houston is that they are disappointing. It's pretty true to everyone except Football Outsiders who had it at about 6 wins.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.