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Shaun Cody...Defensive Keeper?

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Blog comments can often be funny reads. While there are plenty of examples of brilliant dialogue, you'll find some people who put out some crazy thoughts. Case in point, here's an example from's good read on defensive keepers and a potential move to the 3-4 defense.

"You named all the players on the defense team but 1 #95 DT Shaun Cody. Is he still on the time or did you just over look he. Shaun is the big plug up front ageist the run.This may be he’s last year with the Texans and that why you may have over looked he, but that’s OK because maybe he can hook up with he’s old teammate Lofa Tatupu and Pete Carroll. Shaun played with the #1 defense in the nation 2 years in a roll and won 2 national title with USC. He may knot be that important to you but he is to us. (ROCK ON SHAUN)."

That was a long quote, time for a jump.
Shaun Cody comes across as a nice guy in interviews and on Twitter and has a fantastic mustache. He's definitely talented enough to be in a defensive tackle rotation, but a keeper on defense? Not even close.

Statistically, Cody's never caused havoc in his career as he only has two sacks, one forced fumble, and five pass knockdowns in six seasons. Detroit Lions rookie Ndamukong Suh has dwarfed those numbers in less than one season.

Of course, defensive tackle is often a position where you can't judge the impact with personal statistics, but those numbers don't help Cody's case as a starter either.

According to Football Outsiders, Houston ranks 24th in rush defense up the middle, where Cody's supposed to be clogging the run. Stuffing the run? The Texans are 23rd. Again, Cody's not a bad player to have on the roster, but he's not making the impact a starter should.

Being in the middle of the defense, Cody's lack of an impact hurts his fellow defensive linemen and the linebackers he's supposed to keep blockers off of, so this is a position that could definitely use an upgrade via free agency or the NFL Draft.

Yes, I know what you're thinking...the Texans have valid reason to actually draft a defensive lineman in the first round again. Different year, same story.

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