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Gary Kubiak: Fired Coach Walking

I won't read a Richard Justice Texans article 98% of the time because I know it will be dripping in a weak argument with a dash of University of Texas and Vince Young homerism and a heaping side of flip-flopping on a stance. On the rare occasions that I do read it, I usually end up laughing at the ridiculousness or shaking my head at myself for reading it.

Today, the planets must've been aligned because I actually agreed with his statement that Bob McNair should really pull the plug on Texans head coach Gary Kubiak now.

I have been a staunch defender of retaining Gary Kubiak, but yesterday's embarrassing defeat has even made me switch my stance. This wasn't a freak loss to a playoff contender but a choke job to a hapless 3-11 team with an interim head coach and rookie project quarterback. Sidenote: Tim Tebow only threw for 308-plus yards three times in college (h/t to @TXCleaver). That should give you insight into how bad Houston's defense is.

While some are still wondering about general manager Rick Smith, it now seems inevitable that there will be a new head coach for the Houston Texans. After the San Francisco 49ers, a fellow 5-10 team, fired Mike Singletary last night, the question remains: Why wait, Bob? You may as well get it over with now.

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