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Matt Schaub Has No Idea What Is Going On

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Care to hear what Matt Schaub thinks of the Texans season? I think you might be the only one at this point. But he sat down with Sports Radio 610 and our good friends at Sports Radio Interviews were nice enough to transcribe it. You can read the full transcript here, but here are some selected tidbits:

On not having Andre Johnson, and on the solid play of Owen Daniels and Jacoby Jones:

“Without Andre it obviously altered what we could do because we were a little bit thin at the wide receiver position so we felt it was necessary to get the tight ends involved more. They’ve been playing extremely well for us this year, and we created a bunch of matchups with those guys inside and over the middle, as well as with our backs. So that was really how we wanted to approach the game, and we executed that pretty well for the most part throughout the game.”

On why Arian Foster didn’t get his number called more in the second half when the Texans were playing with the lead:

“Well we did go that way, we just didn’t get much out of it to start drives on first and second so we had to throw the ball, and then we didn’t stay on the field. So that’s what happened for the most part I guess, you know, I don’t know what goes through…I’m just running the plays and what’s called, so we were just trying to make some plays in certain situations when they were bringing their pressures and everything, you try to beat it with the throw.”

“I don’t know what goes through…I’m just running the plays and what’s called…” that sounds like a man who truly understood the lack of running plays in the second half.

This season, and the Kubiak tenure, can’t end fast enough.

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