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Zierlein: Gary Kubiak To Be Fired, GM Rick Smith To Remain?

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Houston Chronicle's Lance Zierlein tweeted out information that he heard from the agent grapevine, as he put it.

The word on the agent grapevine is that Rick Smith will remain as GM and be in charge of hiring a new head coach for the Texans

The prevailing thought amongst Houston media has been that Smith or Kubiak would go, but it was hard to see both going.

This thought was even further driven home when Spencer Tillman, on ABC-13's "Inside the Texans," discussed possible dissension between Smith and Kubiak - especially regarding the fact that Kubiak wielded more power than Smith on decisions.

Of course, no one will know if this is true until after Sunday's game against Jacksonville. That's when we'll really see what Bob McNair is really thinking. This is just more fuel to the speculative fire.

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