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Texans' Fans Plan Rally Against Gary Kubiak

Bob McNair has remained cool and calm amidst the storm that has been the Texans season, however, the fan base is just about to explode.


Fans have been calling for the heads of Smith, Bush and Kubiak for quite some time, and with good reason.


With only one win in the past eight games, with one of the league's worst defenses in the history of time, and with playoffs once again out of reach, local fans Brad White and Scott Carter are proposing a rally at this Sunday's game.


The purpose? To help convince McNair to not be cheap, and to do what's best both for this team and the fan base.


No one can pinpoint the amount of support this rally will receive, but Houston's population is around 3,800,000. So, I'd expect roughly 3,800,000 people to attend.


Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.