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Mortensen: Houston Texans Coaching Candidate...Mike Sherman?

The speculation ball is rolling with coaching changes and Gary Kubiak firings. Of course, Houston fans and media are brandying about Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, Jeff Fisher, and Tony Dungy, but ESPN's Chris Mortensen drops a new name into the speculative mix - Texas A&M head coach Mike Sherman.

Citing his previous stint as Texans offensive coordinator, being well-liked by Texans owner Bob McNair, and his own past stint as Green Bay head coach, Mort says people shouldn't be surprised if Sherman did end up coaching in Houston.

Perhaps it's just me, but that is a surprise I do not want because it really wouldn't be a change from the current Kubiak and Friends status quo that has this franchise home for the playoffs again. Hopefully, Sherman will shoot down this early speculation before his Aggies play in the Cotton Bowl.

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