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Texans Coaching Candidate List -- I'm Not Buying

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I don't think it's a real list.


Look, I'm not saying the Texans won't disappoint us. The fact that they're considering letting the architect of the defense stick around while punishing Gary Kubiak is...well, stupid. Incredibly stupid.


But I refuse to believe that Bob McNair, even as stuck in his circles as he is, would clean house in Houston to hire Troy Calhoun, Mike Sherman, or Hue Jackson. Why go with these retreads and unproven coaches when Kubiak has a similar or better resume? The whole point of wanting a coaching change, from McNair's perspective, would have to be to bring in a proven winner to turn around the talent that's on hand. If he wanted unproven but talented...well, we have that on hand already.


This is corroborated in my mind by the fact that Lance thought it was too ridiculous to report, and the only person who actually did report it was 610's Barry Warner, who has both a vendetta against Kubiak and no record of ever breaking any important news at all. Why would anyone believe anything he has to report?


Maybe this is just me being optimistic, but because the dots don't exactly line up, I just can't get into all the outrage about this list. If it's true, obviously, it deserves all the scorn that it's getting. But lets at least wait until someone with a reputation is willing to put their name behind it before the pitchforks are brought out.

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