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Gary Kubiak Survives...Today On As The Texans World Turns

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Yesterday the Texans coaching wheel went from the dumb (Rick Smith staying, Kubiak going) to the bizarre (Barry Warner’s infamous list)

Today, the drama appears to have hit the most Texans note of all: complacency. John McClain led things off by flip-flopping on his original thoughts, as he now thinks that Kubiak will stay while Frank Bush gets the axe. Or as it’s otherwise known: his position since Week 12.

Unfortunately, national writers agreed with him. Adam Schefter tweeted that he was hearing the same thing, Finally, Jason La Canfora reported that he’s hearing that Kubiak will stay while ex-Cowboys coach Wade Phillips will be brought in to run the defense.

The good news? We’re still at the rumor phase. But the Texans have not come up with a single rumor so far that has made their fanbase happy. That is troubling.

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