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Solomon's Right, The Playoffs Are Still Possible; So Is Heartbreak.

Sifting through the usual mill of Houston Texans articles and reactions, I expected nothing but negative reactions and thoughts.

I figured I may run into an occasional positive piece about running back Arian Foster, since he broke the franchise's single-season record for most touchdowns in a season after game 12, or wide receiver Andre Johnson, who had another big game, but I figured those stories would be it as far as positivity goes. Yet, I found a story with 'hope,' 'playoffs,' and 'possible' in the title.
Jerome Solomon, who denies any attempt to be cruel, wants Texans fans to know that they are still very much alive in the playoff race.

If the Texans win their final four games — hey, work with me here — they would need the Colts to lose two of their final five games, to tie them with a 9-7 record. As long as one of the Colts' losses comes to the Titans, who they play twice, or the Jaguars, the Texans would win the division tiebreaker with the Colts.

To catch Jacksonville, the Texans need the Jaguars to lose to the Titans, Raiders or Colts (and, obviously, the Texans in the season finale). That would give them a tie with Houston at 9-7 and the Texans would take the division over the Jags because of a better record in games with common opponents. (At least I think that's the case, but it's late, I'm tired and I'll look it up when I get home.)

I laughed when I first read it, but, a few minutes later, I gave it some actual thought.

Initially, I got angry about the wasted opportunity that is the 2010 Texans. In a season where 10-6 would've likely won Houston its first-ever AFC South division championship, the Texans continue to find new ways to lose despite having a roster riddled with talent.

Of course, the Texans don't just lose. No, Houston does it with such a flair that they draw people in before they drop the hammer on a fan's heart. They can even do it over the course of a season, as they have demonstrated in recent years. That's why I think the 2010 Texans have one great disasterpiece left in them.

Everything will set up the way the Texans need it to happen, so the Jaguars-Texans week 17 match-up will be for the AFC South division title. The fans' hope will be at an all-time high before some new last second chokejob takes it all away. If I learned anything from this season, it would be disappointment is possible as long as the Texans have the time.

Thanks for reminding me of what's still possible, Jerome. If the Texans do roll to 8-7, I'll know what to expect on that last Sunday.

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