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Early Rumors Place Gary Kubiak's Name In Denver's Crosshairs

Yesterday, the Denver Broncos fired head coach Josh McDaniels after a rocky two years. During his short reign, McDaniels jettisoned Denver's stars, shipped draft picks for quarterback project Tim Tebow, alienated people with the Denver organization, and lost the faith of many Denver fans. A 59-14 loss to Oakland Raiders got people wondering about McDaniels' job security, but falling to 3-9 and a videotaping scandal made the decision easy.

Why is this news to Houston sports fans? Well, according to NFL Network's Michael Lombardi, Pat Bowlen's eyes could be on embattled Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak.

Sources close to the Broncos told NFL Network's Michael Lombardi that the team is expected to approach former Broncos Super Bowl hero John Elway for a front-office position and that if Gary Kubiak were available, he would be the team's first choice to coach the team next season.

Kubiak was Elway's back-up between 1983-91 and Broncos offensive coordinator from 1995-2005. While Kubiak is a born and raised Houstonian and Lombardi says "if available," would Gary Kubiak bolt back to Denver if Bowlen came calling?

I think Kubiak wouldn't leave, as he has shown himself to be a loyal man, but this bit of news does add a slight dynamic to the coaching situation in Houston.


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