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Sources: Schobel Works Out For Texans, Doesn't Sign

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In a stunning admission (given his age) of their lack of pass rushing ability, the Texans worked out defensive end Aaron Schobel on Tuesday but didn't sign him. The story was originally broken by John McClain on Twitter, and My FOX Houston's Mark Berman has more

"I worked out for the Texans Monday," Schobel said. "Part of me wanted to do it.

"It wasn't meant to be. We couldn't agree on terms. They saw me for what I am today and not for what I can be. It's over."

Schobel had said several times recently that he had retired, but the Texans and Schobel had maintained a mutual interest.

"I'm glad we made an opportunity for (the workout) to happen," Schobel said. "For me to say they made a mistake or I made a mistake, who knows?

"They have a lot of good players and are on the right track. It would have been hard for my ego to be a role player."

Boy, that's a hard pill to swallow if you're a Texans fan. The quotes seem to say that Schobel would be a role player instead of an every down lineman (which would have always been the case) but the second quote about seeing him for what he was instead of what he can be is VERY telling. Schobel, perhaps out of shape, put together a bad workout and the Texans declined to sign him for what he was asking for.

Why pull the man out of his house if you weren't willing to give him what he wanted? This whole scenario smells bad to me. The Texans can't possibly see Jesse Nading and Ryan Denney as pass rushing solutions after the past couple of games, and Schobel could have added something to that even if he did take a few weeks to get back into playing shape.

This reads, to me, like appeasement. Throwing a bone to the fans. And the fact that McClain, who has been the Texans concierge rather than any kind of investigative reporter, was the one who broke the story, only makes me feel more confident about that read.

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