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All Pro CB Nnamdi Asomugha Is The Free Agent Texans Fans Should Be Demanding

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If you're a Houston Texans fan, you now have a legitimate free-agent-to-be to demand when you call in to Houston sports radio - Oakland Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

Due to language in his contract, Asomugha will now become a free agent when the NFL figures out its Collective Bargaining Agreement. There was a clause that voided the deal since Asomugha failed to achieve certain incentives and prevents Oakland from franchising the four-time Pro Bowler.

If you're owner Bob McNair, general manager Rick Smith, or anyone associated with the Texans then this should be a no-brainer: go after and sign Asomugha. Why? Let's throw in a jump.
Forget about the number of dollars he'll command, Nnamdi Asomugha is a multi-time All-Pro and Pro Bowl talent. He's in the prime of his career (turns 30 in July) and is one of the top two cornerbacks in the NFL. Last season, the Texans had trouble covering anyone who didn't have Rusty Smith throwing to them. Comparatively, according to STATS LLC, quarterbacks throwing at Asomugha in 2010 went 13-for-33 for 205 yards and no touchdowns. Yes, those are his season numbers.

Asomugha can sit atop the depth chart to push the younger corners on less-talented receivers and mentor them. You're talking about a cornerback who can handle opponent's number-one receivers one-on-one which lets the free safety help others. Also, if a quarterback's go-to guy is covered you help the pass rush by giving them a little longer to get a sack. In short, Asomugha is a player that could benefit the entire defense, and this defense, and franchise, could use a cornerback like that.

Pay Nnamdi, Bob and Rick.*

* - Yes, I realize how minuscule the realistic chances are of this happening, but it doesn't mean that the fans shouldn't expect and demand the franchise to make moves to improve this roster. Even if the team aims for Asomugha but falls short and lands a Richard Marshall or Champ Bailey then I'll consider it a win.

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