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Report: Gary Kubiak Will Stay

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ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Gary Kubiak will be retained as head coach of the Houston Texans despite an incredibly disappointing season.

Despite the fact that the Houston Texans have lost four in a row and eight of their past nine, owner Bob McNair will not make a change at head coach and Gary Kubiak will return for another season, according to league sources.

McNair believes that if Kubiak can make certain changes to his defensive coaching staff, then he will be able to create a winning atmosphere, and no change at head coach would be needed, the sources said.

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows are apparently what Texans fans get for the new year. Enjoy it!

Really at this point, there’s nothing left to do but marvel at the situation. As has been pointed out to me a few times before, only one coach has gotten five years to get a team to the playoffs despite just one winning record to his credit since the merger: Bart Starr. He happened to have won a couple of other championships for the Packers, so I doubt they minded quite as much.

It’s hard to come up with many jobs at this point that have better job security than Texans head coach. Lets hope this extra year plan works out better than it did in 2005, when the Texans brought back Dom Capers and Charlie Casserly to finish what they started and they instead went 2-14.

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