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McClain's Reasoning On Von Miller Doesn't Add Up

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When you’re in Houston Texans draft season, you should be aware of one thing: if John McClain is sure of something then it will not happen.

In 2008, Clay Matthews was the guy he knew the Texans would draft. In 2009, Ryan Mathews was the guy. In 2010, Texas A&M outside linebacker Von Miller seems to be the recipient of McClain’s draft love. After all, according to John, "No college outside linebacker did it better over the last two years."

Given the reasoning McClain gives, I feel pretty confident that the Texans will tack onto McClain’s on-going streak of missed draft predictions. His reasoning is behind a jump.


"Miller (6-3, 237 pounds) wisely returned for his senior year, enhanced his stock as a pass rusher and should be the first 3-4 outside linebacker selected."

Robert Quinn, out of North Carolina, is actually frequently mocked ahead of Miller to a 3-4 team as an OLB.

"Once Miller gets with an NFL team and gets on a weight program, he'll get bigger and stronger. At this point, scouts think he's ideally suited to play weak side outside linebacker in a 3-4 because he has the quickness, speed and ability to put consistent pressure on the quarterback."

Since he’s reliant on speed, Miller adding weight would take away from his greatest strength. Also, the Texans need an OLB who can handle dropping into coverage more since they already have Connor Barwin on one side of the linebacking corps.

"Remember, too, that Texas A&M coach Mike Sherman spent two seasons with the Texans. You know Sherman is going to give Miller his highest recommendation, and Kubiak respects the heck out of Sherman."

John should remember that Gary Kubiak has taken zero (0) Aggies since Sherman took over the program.

"The only way the Texans might pass up a pass-rushing outside linebacker is if there's a cornerback they believe is too good to pass up."

Yes, the Texans only have two holes on the roster: outside linebacker and cornerback. Forget about the lack of a #2 wide receiver, safety, or nose tackle. Actually, John didn't forget about NT...

"Because Phillips likes Earl Mitchell and Shaun Cody at nose tackle, the defensive line should not be as high a priority in the draft."

Someone should tell John that Cody's a free agent and hasn't done anything to merit consideration at nose tackle (as a run stuffer or pass rusher). As for Mitchell, I'd hope Phillips is not putting his eggs into the basket of a second year player who saw limited snaps, but McClain is so very certain that the defensive line isn't a high priority...thank the heavens we have his insight.

After all of that, if John McClain wants to back Von Miller, especially based on those reasons, then I feel pretty confident that it won’t be Miller Time (McClain’s words, not mine) in Houston come April.

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