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Texans Defensive Survivors Could Offer Insight Into New Coordinator

In case you're under a rock, you know Houston Texans defensive coordinator Frank Bush was fired. Along with Bush, defensive backs coach David Gibbs, linebackers coach Johnny Holland, and assistant linebackers coach Robert Saleh were all fired. Yet, some coaches were spared the mediocre wrath of owner Bob McNair's firing squad.

Who survived one of the worst defenses ever? The answers are assistant head coach/defensive line coach Bill Kollar, senior defensive assistant Ray Rhodes, and assistant defensive backs coach Perry Carter. Do these survivors tell us anything? Well, maybe after a jump they will.

Carter's primarily a young assistant who will continue to learn and do what he can. I'm a bit leery at the retention of someone who was responsible for coaching up the defensive backs, but it's not too big of a deal when it's an assistant cutting his teeth under the guidance of a defensive coordinator and DB coach.

Rhodes is an old veteran who primarily offered his assistance to young Franklin Bush. He also, according to his biography on, helps with the DBs - particularly the safeties. Given his experience, health, and the instance on bringing in an experienced coordinator, I can see Rhodes quietly leaving Houston on his own accord once an experienced coordinator is brought in. I'm not saying it will happen, but it could.

Kollar's the kicker. Some people are unimpressed with the Houston pass rush, but, as Editor McCown has said, that's not entirely the defensive line's fault. Kollar likes smaller defensive linemen who can shoot gaps and get up the field. This one-gap system would fit with a guy who likes it, such as Wade Phillips (who worked with Kollar in Atlanta) or, as Texans Bull Blog suggests, current University of Michigan (and former Kansas City, New York, Denver, University of Texas) defensive coordinator Greg Robinson.

If Kollar's retention is telling then I hope it tells Wade and not Robinson, whose defenses have struggled mightily in Ann Arbor over the past three years. As I mentioned above, Robinson's hire would also be seen as a "buddy hire," given his past with Kubiak, and that would win over no fans.

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