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The Texans Schedule Is Easier In 2011 Than 2010?

By now, I am sure people have seen the 2011 NFL regular season opponents for the Houston Texans. If you haven't then click this link to see it on Houston Diehards. Go ahead, I'll wait. Between the division match-ups, the NFC South, and AFC North, the schedule looks worse than last year's murderer's row, right? Well, it isn't.

According to ESPN's Stats & Info, Houston's 2011 opponents had a .516 winning percentage this season - 10th toughest in the NFL and lower than last year's league-toughest .547.

For some perspective, the Texans' actual 2010 schedule was 8th-toughest - although it was still the toughest in the AFC South. Additionally, two teams entered 2010 with a .516 opponent's winning percentage - Indianapolis and Cleveland. The Browns schedule actually turned out to be a .570 (4th toughest) and the AFC South champion Colts turned out to be a .473 (23rd toughest).

So what does it all mean? You shouldn't judge 2011 on 2010 - especially with the changes that teams can undergo in the off-season. Whether the schedule is tough schedule or not, Gary Kubiak will not have any excuses in the eyes of Texans fans.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.