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Vince Young Not Returning To Titans, Let's End This Young-To-Texans Chatter Right Now

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Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams announced that he would bring back head coach Jeff Fisher and part ways with the constantly embattled Vince Young.

Now, I know most sensible people are wondering why I would write about anything Titans-related on a Houston-focused blog. The answer is simple: Vince Young fans soon will (or have already) blow(n) up radio, Twitter, and message boards to try and get Vince back to his hometown of Houston, which is shouting distance from the town where he is a legend.

Yes, Vince Young fans are crying for that - not Houston Texans fans. Of course, that doesn't mean we don't hear a lot about Young in Houston. It doesn't help that local media spouts stuff like this:

Young will be better off with a new coach who believes in him. He's 30-17 as a starter.Somebody will sign him for next season.

Yep forget about the 2008 Tennessee defense or 2009 Chris Johnson, the Titans' success was all on Young - the guy with the career 75.7 passer rating, 1:1 TD-to-INT ratio, and career high 12 touchdown his rookie season. We haven't even touched on his work ethic or maturity issues.

I'm sure someone will take a chance on Young. Hopefully, that team will emerge quickly, labor dispute notwithstanding, so all these Houston-area Young fans will stop talking about him the Texans signing him.

If you wanted to go one step further, Houston sports radio could do as Battle Red Blog and Texans Tribune writer Mike Kerns suggests on his Twitter account and hang up on those who call in to suggest Young to the Texans. There's an idea any Texans fan can get behind.

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