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It Costs A Lot Of Money To Talk To John McClain Face-To-Face

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Texans beat writer John McClain was getting quite a bit of heat in his last weekly chat, perhaps due to general disenchantment by the fanbase, or perhaps because he just doesn't seem that well-informed on the issues. He flat-out admitted in the chat that he did not have time to think about which Texans will and won't be returning next year. He also admitted that he had no idea what other defensive coordinators were on the market this year, and he called reporting by a radio station employee a rumor rather than a documented story.

But he dearly wants to make sure you think he's objective, doesn't he?

[Comment From Ben ]
I'm sure you're aware of all the talk around town and comment boards about how the Chronicle in general....and especially you...treats the Texans with kid gloves and is not at all objective with their coverage. What happened to the John McClain that had no problem ripping Bud Adams, Ladd Herzog, Steve Underwood or anyone else who warranted it? What are you so afraid of?

John McClain: I will challenge anyone with to put their money where they mouth is to give $100 to the Citizens for Animal Protection for every negative article, blog, report card and tweet I've made since the Jacksonville game. I will provide each of these. We'll meet at a restaurant and invite others from the blog to join us and go over every one of them. And CAPS will make a whole lot of money. I've been ripping the Texans and their defense and special teams for weeks. Anyone who disagrees should back it up with bucks. I'm ready!

Well, first of all, the scope is silly: part of the point was that you'd been accused of being so soft on the Texans is what you'd said prior to the Jacksonville game. Remember this gem, John? You were stunned that so many of us had a negative outlook on the team. Stunned! They won two more games the entire season after you posted that.

Secondly, nobody is talking about your negativity on what is going on on-field. You successfully came around on piling on one of the worst defenses in modern NFL history once all doubt was removed, and you want a cookie for that?

No, the problem is you're one of the few people in the NFL that gets access to a completely insulated front office. Can you point me to more than a throwaway negative thing you've written about Bob McNair? The Texans scouting staff? Do you see why that might make people question your journalistic integrity? It'd be one thing if you were covering the Patriots and it was hard to find negative things to talk about, but this is a team that has refused change for years despite never finding a way to get past 9-7. It's the kind of situation that calls for some criticism beyond the field. And if fans don't see any, are you surprised they aren't a little curious about that?

So your solution to the whole scenario is to say you'll take us out for dinner to talk about it if we pay $100 per negative thing you've said? That's a Carlos Lee-level bad deal. I'm more than willing to drop a Franklin to talk to you a bit about the Texans and see how much constructive criticism you can handle while trying to explain yourself away with strawmen and other things like that. I'm not dropping 50 of them just because you finally figured out the Texans defense was terrible 8 weeks into the season.

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