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No, Richard Justice, The Texans Don't Need Vince Young

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I've always wanted to do this, so hopefully I do this right. What am I going to do? I'm going to go through Richard Justice's pro-Vince Young to the Houston Texans post. Let's get a jump in here because this will be lengthy.

"Sure, I'd sign Vince Young."

I'm also sure there's also other things you'd do to Vince Young based on some of your articles.

"Oh wait, do the Texans have too much talent? No, they don't. They're in no position to walk past a talented player."

Does Young play safety? The talent is needed on defense. Offensively, the Texans had the third-best offense and fourth-best passing game. Vince Young is not going to improve those numbers - especially from the bench.

"Vince Young would make the Texans more interesting, but the Texans don't want to be more interesting."

Interesting wins games? No, interesting creates a sideshow of distractions that hurt a team more than they help. That's why Tennessee is letting him go.

"What's wrong with having a little buzz around the Texans, to have people talking about the franchise?"

The buzz will come with wins...which will happen when the team fixes its defense - which has never been any better than mediocre.

"Vince Young would cost virtually nothing in termjs[SIC] of money and draft picks, and he wouldn't be coming in to compete with Matt Schaub.

Bring him in and tell him the deal. You're not the starter. You're the No. 2 guy."

Are you his agent? You know what kind of money he wants? The Titans also haven't said they'll release him. They said he won't be back in 2011. They will look for a deal because there will be interest from a QB-hungry team.

If he's coming in to sit on the bench, how does he improve the team? He'll pout on the sideline as he did in Tennessee when Jeff Fisher didn't start him.

"The Texans can promise to get him on the field. That has to be drilled into him. He has to understand the deal. He can be a wildcat back. He can be a wide receiver and quarterback and tight end."

The Texans need to get the ball in Arian Foster's hands more before they worry about Wildcats (which the rest of the league has figured out).

"Gary Kubiak can let his imagination run wild and figure out things Vince Young can do for the Texans."

No, Kubiak's imagination running wild leads to bad halfback passes. Let's keep doing what has worked to build a top offense. Besides, Kubiak needs to focus on fixing slow starts, not deal with implementing a rhythm-disrupting package for an immature, lazy back-up.

"But if he wants to come back to his hometown, get fans fired up and help the Texans win, it could be a nice marriage, if only for a short time."

What Texans fan would be fired up by this? The only people who want this are all of his fans - the same fans who just dumped their Titans gear. Houston needs to fix its defense and find a second wide receiver - not take on this mess.

Once again, the people who want Young in Houston don't care about the Texans. Texans fans are saying "N-O to V-Y."

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