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Matt Schaub Injury: MRI Shows No Damage To Hip

Quarterback Matt Schaub underwent an MRI Monday morning and the results came back fine.

The Houston Texans have suffered injurys to star players Mario Williams who is out for the year with a torn pectoral muscle and wide receiver Andre Johnson who is out possible six more weeks with a hamstring injury. So, the Texans needed some good news on the injury front, and they got that when starting quarterback Matt Schaub had an MRI on Monday on his hip and the results were positive:

"Everything looks fine," Schaub said. "Everything looks good. It's just a standard procedure just to make sure for knowledge of the doctors and everything. It was just a couple different things, but the good thing is everything's fine. Just got to get in the training room and get healed up. I'll be ready to go for this weekend, no doubt about it."

Head coach Gary Kubiak also said that Schaub was just beat up from taking hits the past few weeks. The offensive line will just need to protect Schaub a bit more going further so that the Texans do not lose their starting quarterback.

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