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Steelers Dominate Third, Set Up Tie Game To Open Fourth

Was it just my imagination or did the Steelers have the ball for the entire third quarter? I think the Texans were lucky to only be tied right now instead of down. If they had gotten any offensive production at all in the third, this would be a totally different story. 

Since Andre Johnson left with the injury, Pittsburgh has outgained Houston 209-32. You're not going to win many NFL games with numbers like that. Last week, Matt Schaub showed the Texans can come back when needed, as they scored that late touchdown to Kevin Walter to take back the lead. However, without Dre...

The Texans really need to come out in the fourth quarter and sustain a drive. That'll give the defense a chance to rest and eat up some of the clock. Both of those things are going to be important to this quarter. I'm just hoping Houston can end up on the right side of this game, but I'm afraid they're going to rely too much on the run without Johnson and it appears Pittsburgh has figured out how to stop Foster.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.