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Week 4 NFL Scores And Results

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Here's an update on what happened with the early games this week: 

New Orleans 23, Jacksonville 10: This game was closer than I thought it'd be, but the Saints took care of business in the end. Their defense also took advantage of a couple of mistakes by Blaine Gabbert to keep the Jags off the board. Darren Sproles also continued to be a very versatile threat for the Saints and makes them forget about the injury-prone Reggie Bush.

San Francisco 24, Philadelphia 23: This is probably the most shocking outcome of the early games. San Fran got pressure on Michael Vick all game and his receiving corps was not there to bail him out. San Fran keeps finding ways to win games, ugly or otherwise. I think Jim Harbaugh is the early leader for Coach of the Year.

Washington 17, St. Louis 10: The Rams showed more life here than they have in the first three games, but couldn't stop a relentless Redskins rush that sacked Sam Bradford seven times. The one concern for Washington is that Rex Grossman could have put this one away if he had given them a C- performance and he didn't. That's going to hurt them and hurt them soon.

Kansas City 22, Minnesota 17:  If I were Christian Ponder, I wouldn't get too comfortable as the backup to Donovan McNabb, because the Vikings look like they could clinch the worst record in the league in a couple of weeks. What happened to this team? They can't even argue that this was a comeback victory, since KC led for a good part of it. Horrible, horrible game for Minny.

Detroit 34, Dallas 30: As the Vikings lose games on comebacks, Detroit doesn't start to play in this one. Whether it was three interceptions of Tony Romo (two returned for touchdowns), the two touchdowns to Megatron or the relentless pressure on Romo on that last drive. This was a huge win for Detroit and the first disappointing loss for Dallas since the Jets game. I bet none of the Dallas fans are talking about how gutsy he is for playing through injuries this week.

Tennessee 31, Cleveland 13: I am shocked by this, but probably shouldn't be. Cleveland is not a good defensive team, though they have some nice players. They are also playing a young quarterback, who needs some time before he can win games like this. The question is, how good can the Titans be? Chris Johnson looked to be re-energized in this game and could be poised for some big weeks.

Cincinnati 23, Buffalo 20: Since I had Stevie Johnson on my fantasy team, I kept getting caught up with how long the Bengals had the ball on offense. This is the first time I've been sold on Andy Dalton as a starting QB, but this game was lost more by Buffalo's offense than by their D. If they had been able to move the ball even a little, that outcome would have been much, much difference.

Chicago 34, Carolina 29: Give credit to Cam Newton, who brought his team back in a game that Chicago had seemingly won early. The Bears had a great game defensively in getting points there and on special teams. Matt Forte also had his first huge game of the season. 

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.