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Week 8 NFL Picks And Predictions

Another week, another chance at picking games. It seems like this week's slate of games is a little weaker overall than the last few. I'm sure the games will still be close, but it was hard to choose one great matchup this time around...

Arizona Cardinals at Baltimore Ravens: The Cardinals have been terrible at defending the pass this season, but catch a break with a struggling Joe Flacco and Ravens' passing game. I'd expect Ray Rice to be more involved than he was against Jacksonville and Arizona's offense to struggle without Beanie Wells, who's out with a knee bruise. Pick: Baltimore 28, Arizona 7

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans: These two teams can gather at midfield before the game and commiserate over how badly they both were whooped last week. As bad as Tennesee's running game has been, I think even the Titan receivers can get open against Indy's secondary. However, if the Colts are going to win a game this season, this matchup isn't a bad choice. Pick: Tennessee 24, Indianapolis 14

Miami Dolphins at New York Giants: As tempting as it is to pick this as a get-well game for the Giants, they let down that fan base at home against Seattle and might do the same against Matt Moore and Brandon Marshall. If Brandon Jacobs is back, the Giants running game could slow this one down considerably. Pick: New York 21, Miami 17

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans: I know the Monday night game is going to have everyone thinking Blaine Gabbert is frisky. I'm just not buying it. Wade Phillips will scheme it up and shut down Jacksonville while the offense will run amok, even if Andre Johnson doesn't play. Pick: Houston 31, Jacksonville 10

New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams: After what New Orleans did to Indy last week, it's very easy to pick them against for another big win. After all, the Rams are as bad as anyone. I just don't think the Saints will score 60 again. Expect Darren Sproles and Pierre Thomas to have big games on the ground, though. Pick: New Orleans 35, St. Louis 20

Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers: A loss is a loss is a loss. But, if you weigh how Minnesota played in that loss to Green Bay last week and what the Panthers did in beating the Redskins, you have to come out a little more impressed with the Vikes, right? They lost to the best team in the NFL, but they made it a game. Washington beat themselves more than Carolina and Cam Newton won that one. Pick: Minnesota 24, Carolina 20

Detroit Lions at Denver Broncos: I should know better than to pick against Tim Tebow. At the same time, even if the Lions have to start Shaun Hill, they still probably will have the best quarterback on the field, no? Champ Bailey on Calvin Johnson should be fun, too. Pick: Detroit 27, Denver 13

Washington Redskins at Buffalo Bills: A couple of losses and a bye week made everyone forget about the Bills. They'll have a tough time against a good Washington front seven, but I still think that offense moves the ball and puts up points. I'm not convinced that either John Beck or Rex Grossman can do the same for the Skins. Pick: Buffalo 24, Washington 10

Cincinnati Bengals at Seattle Seahawks: Two really good defenses squaring off in a very loud stadium with a rookie QB on the road. Yeah, this one could be a repeat of that "thrilling" 6-3 Browns-Seahawks game from last week. Pick: Cincinnati 10, Seattle 3

Cleveland Browns at San Francisco 49ers: I wonder if Jim Harbaugh would rather have Colt McCoy or Alex Smith running his team? I wonder how good McCoy could do if he was given the supporting cast in San Fran. I wonder how quickly I picked the Niners in this one. Pick: San Francisco 28, Cleveland 17

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers: This was one of the few games in the running as the best of the weekend. I just think New England's offense is going to shred PItt's D. I mean, did you see what Kevin Kolb did against them last week? Tom Brady is a little bit better than Kolb. You might even see one of those Patriot running backs pop against this Steeler front. Pick: New England 34, Pittsburgh 20

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles: My pick for the best fantasy matchup of the week. I think the Eagles will win, because this is Dallas, after all. Tony Romo can't have two good games in a row. I'm predicting at least three picks for him. But, he'll also be able to shred Philly's defense with the Jason Witten hook-up, since the Eagles don't have anyone who can cover Witten without moving a cornerback inside. Pick: Philadelphia 21, Dallas 17

San Diego Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs: I'm still not buying what the Chiefs are selling. I know they did well last year and got off to a bumpy start. They even lost their most dynamic offensive player in Jamaal Charles. That didn't seem to matter when they beat Oakland last week, but it will against a good Bolts passing game. (Yes, I'm delusionally assuming Philip Rivers will pull it together. Yes, he is on my fantasy team...) Pick: San Diego 31, Kansas City 14

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.