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Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Week 5: Texans In Johnson's Wake

Four Texans who were impacted by the events in the Steelers game.

With Andre Johnson set to miss about 2-3 weeks with his hamstring injury, a few different Texans should see their values spike and may still be available in your leagues. Let's run through them to see who makes the most sense...

James Casey, TE: It's a good bet that the fullback/tight end will end up getting more targets in AJ's absence. Casey is already a big part of the offense, but only in short bursts. Getting three or four targets a game right now, his numbers may rise to five, six, maybe even seven a game. He's also been featured on the screens that the Texans have run for AJ, so he might still pick up opportunities there.

Jacoby Jones, WR: There's a good chance Jones will get more chances to start in Johnson's absence. He hasn't shown the big play ability in the passing game that he did last season, but that doesn't mean his abilities have diminished. He'll probably see more passes down the field and might be worth having on the bench for the next few weeks.

Bryant Johnson, WR: I'm still not convinced Johnson knows the playbook well enough to make an impact, but expect to see him get some looks in the slot going forward. If anything, though, he'll only diminish the value of a guy like David Anderson, who could have had some value without his presence.

Finally, one guy who might be worth jettisoning onto the waiver wire...

Ben Tate, RB: When Tate walked off the field with that injury, his value plummeted. It was already dropping with Arian Foster's emergence against the Steelers, but now Tate's only valuable as a handcuff for Foster and he's not even there right now. If he can't stay healthy, he's not worth a roster spot.

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