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Andre Johnson Injury Update: ESPN Expert Explains Why Texans Wide Receiver Could Miss Multiple Games

Officially, according to the Houston Texans, the injury Andre Johnson suffered in Houston's win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday was a hamstring strain. But Johnson is seeking more opinion on the injury, and ESPN's John Clayton reported that Johnson could be out multiple weeks. ESPN's injury expert, Stephania Bell, explains why Johnson's injury could be more serious than a hamstring strain:

(Johnson's injury) had the look of failure, as in the sudden failure of a major muscle/tendon unit that just stops a runner mid-stride.

Johnson could be seen grabbing the lower part of his hamstring, just above the knee, at the time of his injury which would suggest that the injury was near the tendinous attachment. Those injuries are often slow to heal because of poorer blood supply to the tendon.

In other words, Johnson may have suffered a hamstring strain that isn't quite the garden-variety hamstring strain, but instead an unfortunately located strain that could take longer to heal. The Texans have been very good so far this year, but it looks and sounds like they will have to keep up the pace on offense without Johnson for the near future.

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