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Matt Leinart Says He's Ready To Take Over For Houston Texans

With the devastating news of Matt Schaub's season-ending injury for the Houston Texans all eyes will now shift to former USC and Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Matt Leinart. Leinart joined the Texans before last season after a tumultuous four-year career in Arizona where Leinart played in 29 games in four years for the Cardinals. 

Leinart knows that this is a next mans' up league and you have to be ready to step in and take over whenever the time comes. via

"It’s a huge opportunity for me," Leinart said on Monday. "I’m really bummed for Matt (Schaub). We’ve become very close the last year and this year. He’s the leader of this football team and he’s done a great job in the 4-5 years he’s been here to get us to this point... But he knows and everyone knows in this profession that things happen and the next guy has to step up."

Leinart has the fortune of having one of the best running games in the NFL along with one of the best defenses in the entire NFL as well. Something he's not familiar with from his time in Arizona and he says he's ready to step in and do his part to help the Texans continue to lead the AFC South division. via

"Arizona, we weren’t a big play-action and boot pass team at all and here, obviously that’s there. With the way we run the ball so well, that’s a huge part of our offense and that’s something that I really feel comfortable doing and I think the coaches know that just because of my past experience… I know we’ll continue to do that stuff because that’s what makes us so good. That’s our offense."

Leinart and the Texans have an extra week to get acclimated to each other with the bye week before heading to Jacksonsville a week from Sunday.

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