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Week 11 NFL Picks And Predictions

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Picks, picks, I've got picks. I'll try to be brief this week, as there's the excruciating details from some baseball thing going on...

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens: I like the Bengals, probably irrationally. I think the Ravens are capable of disappointing. Leon Hall's injury hurts the Bengals bad, though. Baltimore 17, Cincy 13

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins: One team is playing as bad as any team in the league. The other is playing surprisingly well. I don't see either trend changing this week. Miami 21, Buffalo 14

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers: I saw nothing last week to make me think the Bucs could beat the Packers. Green Bay 31, Tampa Bay 10

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins: Oh, boy. The Redskins have burned me waay too much this season, but it burns my fingers when I think about typing "Dallas" as a pick, so...Washington 13, Dallas 10

Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns: Don't be fooled. The Jags were helped by a horrendous Indy team. Cleveland isn't that bad (I hope). Cleveland 24, Jacksonville 17

Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions: One of these teams is getting better this week. While I'm getting the feeling like Cam Newton isn't one of those players who will have two straight bad games, I like the Lions more. Detroit 23, Carolina 20

Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings: What is going on this season? Is Carson Palmer really a good QB for the Raiders? Am I taking crazy pills? Oakland 24, Minny 21

Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons: This is one of those classic games the Texans have had over the past few years. A team comes on a little bit of a role, feeling like they may make a playoff run and then get just destroyed. Atlanta played well enough to win last week and they'll run all over the Titans. Atlanta 21, Tennessee 14

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers: Don't bet against Jim Harbaugh. You don't want to mess with the Handshake. San Fran 31, Arizona 21

Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams: I don't love this struggling Ram offense against a good Seattle defense. I don't like Brandon Lloyd, but I think Stephen Jackson could make some noise. If any defense could make Tarvaris Jackson look good, it's the Rams. Seattle 17, St. Louis 9

San Diego Chargers at Chicago Bears: The way Matt Forte is running lately, the Bears have to have the pole position on a wild card spot, right? Chicago 26, San Diego 24

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants: Yuck. New York 21, Philly 17

Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots: Tom Brady vs. Tyler Palko. You make the call. New England 38, Kansas City 7

Chiefs (4-5) at Patriots (6-3) 8:30PM ET

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